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company portfolio

Company Portfolio

Company Portfolio:

When you are trying to acquire new clients, you want to make a good first impression. One of the best ways to do that is through a company portfolio that provides an in-depth look at your business and prior projects. A company portfolio gives a prospective client an idea of your company’s strengths, the experience of your staff and what working with you looks like. The visuals and text you include can be key to attracting and retaining clients and can put you ahead of your competition.

What Is a Company Portfolio?

More than a brochure, a company portfolio provides detailed information on a business’s goals, capabilities and successful projects. It includes narratives about how successful projects were completed. It also includes biographies of the company’s major players that show off their relevant experience, training and credentials.

Company portfolios can also include the following information:

  • Your company’s history and current details about your company, including what your business does, how many employees you have and your locations.
  • Your company’s achievements, including any awards it won or local sponsorships.
  • Affiliations with industry organizations, noting if staff sit on the boards or volunteer with any.
  • Any media coverage your company received, including magazine articles and press releases.
  • Testimonials and references from past and current clients. These should be more than just good Yelp reviews from your page. You should seek out clients who had a good experience with you and are willing to write a more detailed review.
  • If it makes sense for your industry, include details and images from a product’s progression. For example, if you are a design company, include the initial sketches and renderings and show how they morphed into the final image.
  • Companies often use portfolios when bidding on jobs. A company would submit its portfolio along with other required documents to win a government contract, for example. You can publish your company’s portfolio online as a downloadable document or have it printed in booklet format.

Why is company portfolio Important?

  • Think of a company portfolio as a resume for your company. If you were applying for a new job, you’d want to submit a resume that shows off your work history, strengths and skills. You want to show off these same things for your company when trying to win a new client or contract.
  • A company portfolio gives someone a detailed, in-depth look at how your company can serve them and why it’s the best company to do so. They can actually see samples of the work you’ve done and read narratives of how you accomplished projects. This is valuable information for potential clients to have since it showcases your real-world experience.
  • A company portfolio establishes credibility for your company. It tells someone your company history, the background of your team and highlights actual projects you’ve worked on. When done properly, a company portfolio leaves no doubt in someone’s mind that you’re the best company and team for the job.
  • Company portfolios also build trust. When someone sees visuals of work you’ve done, they know you can do what you claim. They can also see how you solved problems to get the job accomplished. Included testimonials and references also build trust by giving potential clients actual people they can talk to about work you’ve done. Generally, you wouldn’t provide testimonials or references from people who are likely to give you negative reviews.
  • A company portfolio is also important for showcasing your range of work. If you do content management, for example, your portfolio can include content you’ve written for the web, print publications, social media and marketing materials. This helps build confidence in your skills, especially when someone can actually see samples of your work.
  • While you still have to impress a potential client with your interpersonal skills and knowledge, a company portfolio can be one of the many tools you use to earn clients. When meeting with clients, you should always have either a print version of your company portfolio handy or a computer or other device with a digital or online version. Some people may ask you to send them your company portfolio before meeting with you so they can get a better idea of what your company does.

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