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Tips For The Self-employed In This Coronavirus Pandemic

The numbers of victims of the Coronavirus increase by the day. Keeping your business from sinking is one of the major priorities during this crisis. A few notes and tips on how to keep your business moving in this crisis are:

  • Follow the prevention steps provided by the Health Management Organizations i.e wash your hands regularly and keep them sanitized, use a tissue for coughs, avoid touching your face, drink water regularly, eat healthy and generally maintain a high level of hygiene.
  • Digitize your business and move it majorly online.
  • Don’t stop marketing. Keep showing the world and your potential customers what you have to offer to them and don’t relent.
  • Keep in touch with your staff and keep them motivated to work.
  • Give your customers attention, they are your priority and showing them you are available to them in this crisis will tell them how dedicated you are to them and to your business.

Most importantly, stay safe as you will be in contact with lots of people as a business owner, some of which you may need to step out and see. Staying safe automatically keeps your staff and customers safe.

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