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December last year, I made a post on my Facebook handle about the four essential things one must do to have a prosperous 2020. This was borne out of the fact that people set ambiguous New Year resolutions and never gets to keep to them, they set big goals and get confuse when things do not go for them as planned.
The essence of this post is not just to reach wider audience but also to remind you that small goals matter as they sum up to big goals that we desire to achieve. (I will talk about small goals some other time).
The Four Important things you must do before the end of 2020 are:-
1.       Create Value:
I will call this Value Creation, there is no need to go into the oxford, Cambridge and other authors definition of Value Creation. In 2020, you must make intentional efforts in creating value for yourself, your business, your family, friends and even foes. People tend to stick around when they see that value is being created around a particular atmosphere.
You must be a person of essence, bringing something new to the table, creating value; this way, your relationship with people will thrive, your businesses will grow and you will be happy when these things go this way and that’s because people see value and they want to stick around it for a while. In 2020, let everything good stick around you by creating Value.
1.       Sell Something:

I bet you have some financial targets in 2020, some you couldn’t meet in 2019 and you take them to 2020; Regardless of what these financial targets may be, it cannot be achieved if you do not set your heart to making money – Selling Something. Money is a necessity, whether we like it or not and to have a one big happy 2020, this necessity must be met. Therefore, in 2020, sell something, be it a product, service – Sell. Once you’ve decided to create value in 2020, make it marketable and sell it. Bills must be paid.
1.       Focus on Personal Development:
Personal development cuts across a lot of things; it could be attending seminars, trainings, acquiring skills, etc. But I want you to know that it can also mean a change in mindset (Negative – Positive), letting go of toxic relationships, being happy always etc. Personal development in this aspect has little or nothing to do with physical wealth; it is in the mind, your head.
In 2020, to create value, you must be developed to do so, to sell something, you must be developed to create value and then sell it. Make it your focus point to develop intentionally. Attend seminars, events, network, let go of any toxic lifestyle and be happy always and watch yourself hit it BIG in 2020.
1.       Believe in Yourself and In God:
One thing I always tell people is that, ‘You are going to fail, Life’s going to hit you hard’. That’s life for you and you can’t rule out the possibility of this happening to you. So what do you do in the face of your adversary? –You stay strong and believe in yourself. Submit to a higher authority i.e who you serve and believe in and know with faith that things will definitely be alright against all odds.
In 2020, giving up in not an option, when value is not created from your end, money is not made and no sign of personal development, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and push through. When things are going on as planned, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and continue chasing.
In 2020, all you gotta do is WIN, so WIN

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