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Ideas For The Student Entrepreneur Vol.1

Being a student and looking for ways to add a little extra cash to your pocket or bank account can be two really tasking journeys. The quest to get more money to your name may end up having you fall into some serious scams on the internet. Besides scams the stress of going into business may also make you fall behind on school work.

These ideas are to help students manage their time better and be more productive in the process:

  • To better manage your time as a student you could try a weekend business as opposed to a daily business.
  • Another idea is to run a delivery service for people who need things delivered within your school’s environment for an affordable fee.
  • A pocket friendly way to make a little extra cash would be to prepare home made snacks and drinks to be sold. They can be sold for a good enough price to stores who run day to day sales.

It is important to note that while on the quest for money you do not forget your school work. As important as money is, it is also imperative that you put your attention on your school work.

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